NiteSafe™ Duo

NiteSafe™ Duo

The Duo is our entry level dual purpose nightlight and an excellent choice for so many situations. It comes packed with the motion sensor capability but also a dusk to dawn nightlight. Just position the slide switch to set the nightlight to whichever mode suits you best.

Dusk to Dawn – Choose this setting and the nightlight will automatically turn on when it gets dark and turn off again when it gets light.

Motion Sensor – Choose this setting and the nightlight will turn on when movement is detected in a dark area and off after about 20 seconds.

The 4 LED torch sits in its charging cradle and is kept permanently charged by induction charging. If the power fails, or you take the torch from its charging cradle it switches on automatically. A versatile nightlight that is perfect for any situation.

Unique Features: Small and compact entry level dual purpose nightlight.

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